Submit a Photo for ELi's Weekly Newsletter

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 11:05 am
ELi Staff

Want to contribute a photo for inclusion in ELi's weekly newsletter?

If you have a photo to contribute to which you own the rights:

  1. Send it by email to
  2. If it isn't clear what the subject of the photo is, tell us what it is.
  3. If the date of the photo matters, tell us when you took it.
  4. If you'd like photo credit, tell us how to credit you.

Your photo doesn't have to be taken in the last week. It could be a photo of a previous event (like last year's Art Festival) that we could use to let people know about an upcoming event (this year's Art Festival). Or it could be a photo you took years ago that just captures something special about East Lansing.

Please note that we do not pay for photo contributions to the weekly newsletter.

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