Big Year for Painted Ladies

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Monday, August 6, 2012, 8:50 pm
Aron "Raz" Sousa

Who needs the Kardashians when you've got these babies grabbing onto your seeds? For whatever reason it was a big spring for Painted Lady butterflies. In looking up this species, I discovered that the genus name is Vanessa and the subgenus is Cynthia. This is a large butterfly with black and white corners on deep orange wings. While there are no Vanessa or Cynthia Kardashians that i know of, the Kardashians do seem to generally be deep orange with black tips. And yes, I do know that butterflies actually feed on nectar. I don't know what Kardashians eat, but perhaps seeds. Maybe even nectar. The flower being had for lunch here is a lilac blossom.

Note: This article was corrected on August 23, 2012, to reflect the lunch being had. The original article identified the purple blossom as wisteria. We regret the error.

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