Take a 5-Minute Survey to Give ELi’s Team Your Feedback

Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 9:25 am
Alice Dreger and Ann Nichols

ELi is a public service news organization for East Lansing. So it’s very important for us to provide what’s very important to you.

Would you please take about five minutes to take our January 2018 reader survey by clicking here?

The survey asks about how strongly you value having reporting on various topics, issues, and governmental units (crime, town/gown relations, School Board, City Council, arts, parks, etc.). It then asks about what features, if any, you’d like to see added to or adjusted in ELi’s weekly news digest. The survey then asks you to weight how strongly you value various features of ELi, and how you access ELi’s articles.

At the end, the survey provides you an open “content box” to share any thoughts on the survey or our work. Remember you can also always reach us via our contact page.

Please note that SurveyMonkey may be down temporarily for some periods on Friday night, January 5, for software maintenance. If you can’t access the survey during that time, just check back a few hours later.

Thank you!


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