Barring Disaster, We’ll Be Back in January

Friday, December 22, 2017, 9:21 am
Alice Dreger, Publisher of ELi

Just a short note to let you know ELi is scheduled to be on break until a couple of days into the new year. If a disaster breaks out, we’ll hop out of our torpor and be here for you.

Otherwise, know that our reporters are already working on new articles for you. Not long after our break ends, one of our youth reporters will be bringing you the story of why an East Lansing High School AP Physics class ends up in the pool every December. I’ll be working on explaining the Center City District bonds, and how City officials have worked to reduce public risk on those. And we’ll be bringing answers to reader questions on issues related to our public library and City debt.

If we reach our sustainability goal for 2018, then you can also expect us to be here for you in 2018 to cover the new proposal for the Park District, progress on the rebuild of ELPS’s elementary schools and the Center City District project, City Council’s decisions on budget-slashing and revenue-generating, and so much more.

I end the year tremendously grateful to the whole ELi team. That includes our Board of Directors of Stephen Thomas, Travis Stoliker, Merem Frierson, and Michael Lawrence; our Managing Editor Ann Nichols; our tech team of Lisa Lees and Morgan Lees; our major Government reporters, Chris Root and Jessy Gregg; our major Schools reporter, Karessa Wheeler; and regular community reporters, including Ann Kammerer and Rosalind Arch.

I also would like to thank Cody Harrell for working with our ELHS youth reporters, including John Paul Roboski, Evan Dempsey, Berkley Sorrells, and Kepler Domurat-Sousa; LACT and LightSpeed for supporting us financially; and to our hundreds of donors and thousands of readers.

We are one of very few small cities in America today with a functional community news reporting system that engages the community in news production. I remain deeply grateful to all of you who have made this possible, but especially to Ann Nichols, who steers this ship.

Thank you!

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