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Wednesday, March 18, 2020, 1:00 pm
Alice Dreger

Above: Species tulips soon to be blooming in Alice Dreger’s front yard. Because the world isn’t ending.

Dear East Lansing readers,

Remember when “viral news” meant news about something weird and fascinating? Well, our viral news nowadays is exhausting. I don’t know about you, but I need some news that gives me a will to live.

So I’m writing to ask you to contribute some, or at least ideas about some.

The ELi team will, of course, keep on bringing you coronavirus news and other serious local news. But because we can no longer bring you stories of local sporting and arts events, our news feed is getting heavier and heavier.

Here’s the kinds of things we are looking for:

People stories: Know the story of some local whose history, personality, or work might fascinate and delight us? Pitch us the idea and tell us if you want to write it or if you are thinking we should assign a reporter.

House candy: A reader wrote in this morning to ask about sharing the story of their house. Yes! There are so many beautiful and weird and interesting houses in East Lansing. We want to hear about yours and we would love to see before-and-after photos of your house back-then and your house now, or of your kitchen before renovation and after.

Normally, we would send a photographer, but to be socially responsible, right now we can’t. Our advice: Take lots of photos, see which look the best, and send us those. Try shots with lights turned on versus off, close-ups versus wider shots.

Neighborhood portraits: We have long wanted to bring portraits of the neighborhoods of East Lansing – a look at a neighborhood’s or subdivision’s history, architecture, and cultural feel. Know yours well enough to do this? Write and tell us about it! If you want to be the reporter, let us know and we can work with you on it. If you want one of our reporters to write the story, give us your best contact info.

Acts of kindness: Hearing about more acts of kindess because of coronavirus. Though this is related to COVID-19, we want to hear about local acts of kindness.

Natural world reporting: Got baby squirrels in your yard? Walking on the Northern Tier Trail and seeing some interesting things sprouting up? These are the kinds of hyper-local reports we love to bring.

Gardening: It’s the time of year when ELi starts to bring gardening news again. Got a greenhouse in East Lansing? Planning your garden around the assumption you’re going to be wanting more fresh food that’s easily available? Report for us on what other gardeners here might want to know.

You can get in touch with us easily via this contact page. Keep in mind that if you are looking to do the reporting yourself (rather than pitching us an idea for us to assign to a reporter), we will have you work with an editor and we cannot accept all offers or submissions. Thank you!

Alice Dreger, Publisher of East Lansing Info

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