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Thursday, September 22, 2016, 10:14 am
Alice Dreger

As you know, ELi’s nonpartisan service mission includes informing citizens who plan to vote in local races. The challenge of this is that it can be difficult to help a voter discern, in advance of an election, which candidates are likely to act in ways the voter would wish.

On November 8, East Lansing voters will be able to cast ballots for three open school board seats. ELi’s Karessa Wheeler, our chief Schools reporter, is working on bringing you profiles of the candidates. We’ll also be providing campaign finance information.

But we’d like to do more than that to help you figure out who you want to support with your votes.

Today we’re asking your help. We’d like you to write to us to tell us what issues you think are the “burning issues” before us in the East Lansing School District. We’d especially like to know what questions you’d like to see candidates answer.

So please refine your questions and ideas and then send them to our Managing Editor Ann Nichols at with the subject line “school board.”

Keep in mind, as you formulate your messages to Ann, that people running for office the world over tend to give bland responses with which almost no one can disagree. Okay, maybe this isn’t true in this year’s presidential election, but it’s true in East Lansing politics! So try to formulate questions that will require candidates to distinguish themselves from each other.

Also keep in mind we will be asking all of the candidates the same questions, so do not submit questions meant for one or two particular candidates.

Thanks, and as always, if you support ELi, show it by helping us keep our system funded. It is not easy to do all the work we do and fundraise at the same time, so every dollar you provide keeps me from having to spend my time fundraising for my terrific staff. (Note: I am not paid for my work at ELi.)

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