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Friday, July 29, 2016, 9:36 am
Ann Nichols, Managing Editor

As Managing Editor at ELi, I want you to read what we publish. We work hard (really hard) to bring you the best in East Lansing news and information, and whether an article is an uplifting story of community support after a crisis, or an update on the City’s financial situation, I feel a rush of excitement every time I send something out into the community.

Many—in fact most—of you first see our articles on Facebook. So far, that’s been a great way for us to get our content to the people who want it. It’s free, it reaches thousands, and it doesn’t require you to do anything you don’t ordinarily do.

Lately, Facebook has become more of a problem. As you may know, Facebook recently changed its algorithms in such a way that news (from any source) will show up less often in your feed than posts from friends and families. The result of this is that you won’t see many of our posts. We can pay to promote an article, which is why you sometimes see a post from ELi that says it’s a “sponsored link,” and we do elect to pay to get a bigger audience when we think an article is extra important or interesting or likely to grow our readership.

We don’t want to drive you all crazy, though, and although we could make it a practice to promote more articles, there’s a risk that doing so will become annoying. It’s a tricky balancing act these days, between bombarding you with stories you may already have read, and making sure that you don’t miss something that might matter to you.

If you want to be sure you don’t miss the latest on the school board or what’s happening at City Council, there are several options. You can always visit our site, or our Facebook page regularly, because everything we publish appears in both places. (We’re working on updates to the site that will make it an even more useful one-stop for all things East Lansing.)

You can also subscribe to our weekly mailer, which will deliver a summary of every story from the week in one, neat, attractive email. All you do is scan the mail to see if you missed something you want to know about, and click on the link provided for the story if you want to know more. (Click here to subscribe at no cost.)

Finally, you can easily change your Facebook settings so that ELi posts show up at the top of your news feed. This tells Facebook you want to see what we publish regardless of Facebook’s current algorithm. To do this on your computer, tablet, or smart phone:

  1. Go to Eli’s Facebook Page.
  2. Click "Follow" near the cover photo.
  3. Hover over "Following" or "Liked" near their cover photo.
  4. Select "See First".

No matter which of these strategies you choose, we’ll feel better knowing that the news we produce has the best possible chance of connecting with the people who need it.



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