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Tuesday, May 31, 2016, 11:52 am
Peyton Lombardo

Photo: the reporter in Venice

I love sifting through job postings. It may sound odd, but there's something about glancing through hundreds of different opportunities to see what aligns with my skills and interests. I keep up with my university’s career site and check my email more times a day than I’d like to admit. That's why when I received an email from my Professional Writing list serve about an up-and-coming local news site called East Lansing Info.org (“ELi,”) I was intrigued. It was right at a time when I was exploring where and how I could get my writing published. I wanted to see what this website was all about, and more importantly, I wanted to write for it.  

After exchanging emails with ELi’s Managing Editor, Ann Nichols, I was given the chance to write a piece to prove my ability. I loved this test, and I did my best to impress. My assignment was a local music festival and I was told to interview an event organizer. That sounded fitting and easy enough, but I knew I could do better.

Using my social media skills and outspokenness, I reached out to one of the performers on Twitter and was able to secure an interview. The piece turned out nicely, I was able to show my boss what I was capable of, and I enjoyed the creative freedom given to me. I also appreciated being paid for my work. As a college student, the extra money not only puts real value onto my work but also helps me out financially.

Writing for ELi has been one of the most rewarding things I've done for the past few years. Whether it's MSU writers reporting on local EL events or EL citizens interested in MSU happenings, ELi brings a sense of cohesiveness and unity between the two communities, one that I have not seen anywhere else.

Aside from that, I've tried to stay involved in a few other jobs and activities. I've held the position of Student Manager for the Michigan State University Women's Basketball team, and that has been an equally amazing opportunity for growth and working in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment.

Last fall, I interned for my writing department as a communications intern. This past spring, I hopped on a plane completely alone and spent the semester in London, England (and traveled the rest of Europe on the weekends). This incredible opportunity allowed me to learn so much about myself, and gave me an unparalleled cultural appreciation.

Looking forward, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do for the rest of my life. Ideally, I would like to work in either the sports or entertainment industry (a talent agent is a dream job). With a few more internships and classes (I study Media and Information), I hope to hone in on a few potential career paths. I know I enjoy working with people, communication (both verbally and written), creativity, and independence. Writing for ELi has provided me with all of that and more.

Anytime I receive a new assignment, I am eager and determined to provide a great article. Seeing my name in the byline will always be exciting, but seeing people share and like my article is even more exciting.

I hope to continue writing for ELi and provide readers with my take on local happenings. Being able to improve my writing skills, getting published on a legitimate news site, and getting both financially and emotionally rewarded for me work is what keeps me coming back for more.



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