Who Is Polling about Local Officials’ Trustworthiness?

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Thursday, March 21, 2019, 1:47 pm
Alice Dreger

ELi readers say that they’ve gotten a mysterious political phone poll asking them to rate the trustworthiness of a group of local public figures.

But who is behind the poll? That, we don’t know.

Readers tell us that the robo-call asks them to rate, on a scale of 1-5, the trustworthiness of a group of people all of whom seem to have East Lansing connections. According to these readers, the individuals were identified not only by name, but by title.

Included in the rating scale are current East Lansing Council Members Ruth Beier, Shanna Draheim, Aaron Stephens, Mayor Mark Meadows, and Mayor Pro Tem Erik Altmann, and former mayor Nathan Triplett (who lost his bid for reelection in 2015).

State Senator Curtis Hertel Jr., who currently represents East Lansing, is said to be included, as is former mayor and former State Representative Sam Singh.

Polls like this are sometimes conducted when one is considering a bid for office. The terms of Meadows, Altmann, and Draheim are up at East Lansing's City Council this November, and ELi reported this week that it looks like all three are looking to run for re-election.

But included in the “trustworthiness” poll, we are told, are City Manager George Lahanas and City Attorney Tom Yeadon. The positions Lahanas and Yeadon hold are appointed by a majority of City Council.

Council just renewed Lahanas’s contract with a double-digit raise.

What about Yeadon? Last year, Draheim and Stephens tried to call for applicants for the City Attorney position, but they were rebuffed by Meadows, Altmann, and Beier at a meeting last June (a meeting where the contact was not made public on the agenda).

Yeadon’s contract expires June 30, 2019. There have been no public moves by City Council to discuss the City Attorney's contract this year.

If we find out more about the poll, we will report it.


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