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Saturday, October 31, 2015, 9:51 pm
Alice Dreger, Publisher and Board President

We are so very excited to announced that Eli’s October fundraiser, aimed at raising $10,000, has raised $14,807! That is almost 50% more than we were aiming for!

Your amazing generosity will ensure Eli’s continued success and will allow us to do even more great work for you, our readers, than we had planned! Managing Editor Ann Nichols and I are beside ourselves with gratitude and excitement.

As you may recall, this month we had an anonymous donor matching $500 “anchor” donations (including bundles totaling $500) with another $500. The original plan was to cap this at ten matches, but when we got an offer for number eleven, and then number twelve, I asked the match donor if we could keep going. Happily, we could and did.

We extend our heartfelt thank to our generous “anchor” $500 campaign donors and fundraising bundlers extraordinaire:

  • Kurt and Claire Hankenson
  • Stephen Thomas and Joe Lonstein
  • Robin and James DeMuth
  • Lisa Lees
  • Alice Dreger and Aron Sousa
  • Telaina and Andrew Eriksen
  • Gordon and Sheila Taylor
  • Travis Stoliker
  • $500 bundle organized by Christine Root, including Ralph and Sharon Monsma, Jim and Nancy Robertson, Steve Osborne, Elizabeth and Robert Anderson, and Mark Sullivan
  • $550 bundle organized by David Wiley, including Judith Bridger, Adeline and John Metzler, Jim Anderson, Sally Silver, Vivian and Bill Hixson, Don Davis, Erick Williams and Margaret Nielsen
  • $505 reporter bundle organized by Julie Rojewski and including herself, Coleen Moyerbrailean, Telaina Eriksen, Christine Root, Karessa Wheeler, Michael Teager, and Heather Paris


We also have these wonderful people to thank for generously donating to ELi this month, making our fundraiser a smashing success!

  • John Kloswick
  • Lisa Berg
  • Catherine Lindell and Walter Chomentowski
  • Susan Cusick
  • Cindy Sabin
  • Pauline Sondag
  • Bobby and Maddy Mavrogordato
  • Joseph Glass
  • Kali Majumdar
  • Kathlyn Peterson
  • Marsha Grisinger
  • Ann and Rob Nichols
  • Jeffrey Powers
  • Michael Conlin
  • Paulette Johnston
  • Pamela Weil
  • Patricia Bonito
  • Suzanne Bernsten
  • Jane Turner and Elias Strangas
  • Thomas Bauman
  • Joan Fairey
  • Jean Golden
  • Susan Molstad
  • Hyung Kim
  • Brian Smith
  • Michael and Deanne Lawrence
  • Ryan Adams
  • Rob Privette
  • Jonathan Kidder
  • Thomas Bird
  • Sally Silver
  • Jill Baker
  • Miriam Schwartz Ziv and Daniel R. Schwartz
  • Scott Calabrese Barton
  • Kay A. Schmid
  • Alice and Mike Townley
  • Robert Nelson
  • Bea and Lynn Sousa
  • Jennifer Wallace
  • Brendan Cantwell
  • Sharon Rambo
  • Grover Hudson
  • Charlotte Steiner
  • James Liesman
  • Jim Veurink
  • Linda M. Pivarnik
  • Helen S. Constan and David Wahl
  • Frances and Dale Downes
  • Vic Loomis
  • Steven Findley


Thank you again to all of these folks for their generous support! We look forward to continuing to bring you great reporting the rest of this year and in the coming year.

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