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Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 5:14 pm
Alice Dreger, Publisher

We are so gratified by the outpouring of support that we’ve seen since we reached out on “Giving Tuesday” to ask our readers to help save ELi by making it financially sustainable. Since I let our readers know about the Board of Directors’ decision to aim for financial sustainability by January 31 or to shut down operations, we’ve seen a surge in lump-sum, online PayPal donations as well as a burst of commitments to monthly patronage at our Patreon page. We are now over one-fifth of the way toward our monthly sustainability target.

Some of our supporters have also been activating their own local networks to educate people about ELi’s resources and to ask for their support. By invitation of Jim Detjen, former Director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at MSU (now retired), I recently spoke about ELi with a group of about 35 folks at Edgewood United Church. We’ve also heard from people who have contacted neighbors through their neighborhood association lists.

At the November 21 meeting of the Pinecrest Neighborhood Association, Jay Brant informed those present about ELi, and according to a communication we received from Ralph Monsma, a Pinecrest member and former City Council member, “Persons in attendance expressed their appreciation for and use of ELi, supported the recommendation, and asked Jay to prepare a letter of support.”

We quote here with permission from Jay’s letter:

“One of the many good things about the East Lansing community is that we have a wonderful independent news and information source, known as ELi for short….ELi covers, among other things, the activities of the City Council and other City boards, commissions and departments, including planning and development. Coverage also includes the East Lansing Public Schools. Another feature is Ann About Town, which covers the restaurant scene and does features on such things as the ride sharing service Uber.

“The work of ELi is first rate. They dig into topics and provide well written articles that can be of great help to anyone who cares about things that affect the well-being of our community, i.e., everything from City Council and School Board elections to critical matters that come before those bodies for decision.

“ELi's independence is what makes them special. They do not receive funding from the City or any other governmental agency. And they do not accept funding from companies that do or may have matters before the City, including any of its agencies. So, how do they do the job they do for us? In short, they depend on their readers for contributions. Thus, as one who has found their work invaluable in so many ways, I urge you to support ELi with a year-end contribution. And if you are not familiar with ELi, go to the website and check it out. To be an informed and involved community, we need them! And to carry on the great work they do, they need us!”

We sure do. Click here to read about our drive to sustainability, including how you can help. We need to keep the momentum going if we are going to make it, and you can help by committing to just five or ten dollars a month. And remember, your donations are tax deductible in the calendar year in which they are made.


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