Trojan Marching Band Ready for Friday's Homecoming Game

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Thursday, September 20, 2018, 8:46 am
Somer Sodeman

The East Lansing High School marching band has been practicing since June 11 for the show they’ll premiere at the Homecoming game this Friday, September 21. They’re calling the show “Into the Darkness.”

The show will be broken into several segments. Pregame, the band will play the East Lansing Trojan fight song, the Alma Mater, the National Anthem, and the Trojan Fanfare. The halftime show will include the prologue from the Jekyll and Hyde musical entitled “Murder, Murder,” “Bella’s Lullaby,” from Twilight, and music from the television show Sleepy Hollow (hence the “darkness.”). At the end of the game they’ll close with "You Can’t Stop the Beat" from Hairspray.

Every spring, Marching Band Director David Larzelere creates a committee of band members to select a show and songs for the marching band to perform during the season. This year they included “You Can’t Stop the Beat” because, according to Larzelere, he wanted to bring more of an entertainment aspect to the show.

“I have the final say in what the songs are, but I certainly rely on the student input.” Larzelere said. “I think it is important that they have a part of the direction we go for in the show.”

The marching band’s show is not just a school project, but something they work on in the summer, inside and outside of school, including marching band camp in August. When it comes to Homecoming, things get even more intense. On the Friday of Homecoming they’re practicing in each of their classes, performing at the school pep assembly, practicing again in the afternoon, marching in the parade, performing the pregame show, and after a break for dinner in the stands, they perform the halftime show, and their “end game” performance.

“It is a great experience and I know everyone knew what they were signing up for,” Larzelere said. “but it is exhausting. So, I have a lot of respect for the students because nobody ever complains, even when I know they’re tired, their backs and lips hurt and they’re just having a long day.”

According to Larzelere, the Trojans are expecting a record amount of people for Friday night’s Homecoming game, and the marching band is looking forward to performing their entire show.

“The marching band is a really great group of people and there’s just something so unique about performing in a band.” Larzelere said. “You have such a unique bond when performing with these people at such a level, and with the time they spend practicing, I think they take pride in that and sharing it with people.”

The band isn’t stopping after Homecoming, either. They’ll be playing in the Dewitt Marching Band Competition Oct. 13, where they will be performing more complicated songs and be rated on their performance.

“We are going to try and see where that takes us. It just gets tougher and tougher for the students.” Larzelere said. “Although it is kind of a challenge right now, most of the students are really happy of where we are going, and we are enjoying more of the competitive aspects of it.” © 2013-2020 East Lansing Info