Sorority House Proposal for Historic District Sent Back

Friday, March 3, 2017, 4:58 pm
Jessy Gregg

Above: Historic District rental houses that would be replaced with a new sorority house under the proposal

East Lansing’s Historic District Commission had planned to start its scheduled meeting next Thursday at the site of the proposed development by Next Generation Investment Properties, LLC, at the corner of Harrison Road and Grand River Avenue. The proposal calls for a new sorority house to replace four existing Historic District rental houses. (Read more.) But according to Pablo Majano, the Community Development Analyst for the City of East Lansing, the application has been returned to the developer for further clarification.

East Lansing’s Historic Preservation Code stipulates that before houses in a Historic District can be demolished, it must be proved that “The resource is a deterrent to a major improvement program that will be of substantial benefit to the community.” Section 20.66 the Code further states that the applicant who is proposing the work must obtain “all necessary planning and zoning approvals, financing, and environmental clearances.”

“So as of right now,” Majano told ELi today, “the application has been sent back and the applicant is deciding whether to resubmit the application.”


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