Singer-Songwriter Irish Mythen Plays Ten Pound Fiddle

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Friday, February 16, 2018, 7:49 am
Christopher A. Wardell

Irish Mythen has a whole lot to say about the current state of politics in the United States, but you have to come see her perform live to find out exactly what it is.


Mythen will perform at the MSU Community Music School as a part of the Ten Pound Fiddle Concert Series tonight, February 16 at 7:30 p.m. Fellow contemporary, Southern Gothic, blues, alternative country singer-songwriter Amythyst Kiah will open the show.


The Irish-born Canadian contemporary folk singer-songwriter’s music brings to mind fellow contemporaries like Ani DiFranco, Dar Williams, with a slight touch of Lucinda Williams.


“I grew up surrounded by music.” Mythen said. “Music is everywhere in Ireland. It’s in the wind for God’s sake. The stories that make up our vast history and put to song so they won’t be forgotten. I love that idea. The stories that can be brought forward from the past just by closing your eyes and singing a song. It has greatly influenced the way I wrote songs and the way I perform.”


In 2016, Mythen won the prestigious Irish Socan Songwriter of the Year Award for her song, “Gypsy Dancer.” SOCAN helps to connect musicians worldwide with businesses and individuals in Canada. Mythen is very proud to have received the award, but she keeps it all in perspective.


“Yes, it was an incredible honor,” she said. “You want to be validated as a writer, but you have to remember that awards don’t make it so. The longevity of the song in people’s memory is much more validating than an award. But, I love it and shine the thing every day!”


With performances all over the globe, Mythen has shared stages with Rod Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, Lucinda Williams, and she recently closed out the Philadelphia Folk Festival. In 2016, Melissa Etheridge handpicked Mythen to be the opener for a run of shows in Australia.


“I first heard her at a 2015 International Folk Alliance Conference showcase,” said Sally Potter, Booking Manager for Ten Pound Fiddle. “She had the whole, huge room stone cold quiet - which is hard to do! Her music has energy, intelligence and humor. She doesn't back away from any topic, yet her songs leave you with a ray of hope and a smile.”


Mythen’s current tour brings her to a few cities in the United States, with a string of shows in Canada as well. The shows are all the same to Irish, no matter where she is, she is grateful for the opportunity to share her music. Her message is of unity, no matter the political climate in a particular country.


She lets her music do the talking.


“Look, I’m Irish, and in Ireland, we’ve always looked to the States as a beacon of opportunity.” Mythen said. “Of a better life, etc. So many of our people went there and never returned. But, they made brilliant lives for themselves, and generations of Irish-Americans later, we are still going strong. I won’t comment on another country’s political situation from the outside looking in. I’ll answer that from the stage when I get there, ha-ha.”


For more information, visit Ten Pound Fiddle’s website.


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