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Thursday, January 29, 2015, 8:28 am
Peyton Lombardo

Some people love the live action of live theatre performances, and others like watching a favorite film on the big screen. But what happens when you combine both? MSU’s Theatre2Film Project is combining these experiences, and is excited to see where it takes them.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, dedicated theatre students began working on scripts for the performance. According to Dave Wendelberg, who handles public relations for the Department of Theatre, the script “came together through exploration of storylines, characters and possible theme: disconnection, loneliness, loss of idealism and isolation created by technology.” The project boasts an original script (and adapted screenplay), original paintings, and original music, all of which was created by Michigan State students with an intended audience of fellow MSU students. Fortunately, this cutting-edge production is open to the entire community.

Theater2Film draws from many different colleges and programs within Michigan State University. The Department of Art, Art History & Design; The Department of Media & Information; The College of Music; The Media Sandbox (of the Communication Arts and Sciences College), and the Theatre Department are all taking on large roles to make the project a success. Some colleges/groups will be solely focusing on the theatre performances, and others will be working on the film adaptation.

Beginning on Friday, January 30, the live performances will begin. There will be ten shows total, with the last one taking place on Sunday, February 8. All shows will take place in the Studio 60 theatre of the MSU Auditorium, and tickets may be ordered through the Wharton Center Box Office. Before the February 1st show and after the February 5th show will be a discussion with the director, Mark Colson, Assistant Professor of Theatre.

After the shows wrap-up, the transformation from live performance to onscreen film will be made. This occurs after all of the live performances conclude in February. The cast will remain the same from the theatre performances, but the crew will be transitioning into film production roles. For example, a stage manager from the theatre may become a production assistant. Once all aspects of film production are completed including, but not limited to, cinematography, editing, special effects, and music/sounding, the final product will be a movie.

Curious to see the final product? Upon its completion, it is currently slated for submission to the Traverse City Film Festival. The Film Festival was created by filmmaker Michael Moore, and takes place every summer. From live performance to preservation as a movie, The Theater2Film Project is a mixed media creation designed for multiple groups/students with a multitude of purposes. Only in a University community would we all have the opportunity to be part of what Wendelberg calls “the ultimate collaborative experience that applies the classroom to the career.”

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