Show of the Week: Art and Honey Badgers at The TIC

Thursday, March 5, 2015, 5:00 am
Ann Nichols

Close your eyes and imagine a “Technology Innovation Center.” You probably “saw” computers, desks, gadgets, interactive white boards, half-empty coffee cups and bespectacled geeks. You may not have envisioned paintings, sculpture, ceramics or a live band.

This Sunday from 1-3 PM, East Lansing’s Technology Innovation Center (TIC) has all of the above as it hosts the opening of “Muse,” a fifteen-artist show running through May 17. Music at the opening will be provided by local band The Honey Badgers.

Art and music are nothing new for the TIC, a business accelerator for technology startups located on Grand River Avenue in the heart of the City. Kelly Boyle, who has been the TIC’s Art Coordinator since 2009 says TIC has “done 3-4 art shows per year, which makes ‘Muse the 20th exhibit.”

The shows invite participating artists to contribute work connected to a central theme dreamed up by Boyle. Past shows included "Shadow," "City," "Curve," "Where the Heart Is," "Blue," and "Food for Thought." Boyle strives “to come up with themes that lend themselves to many possible interpretations,” and “usually has 10- 15 artists participating, with up to 4 pieces each.”

“Muse” artists include Carole Steinberg Berk (multi media), Margaret Meade Turnbull (oil), Joel Ellis (oils and acrylics), Juanita Baldwin (photography) , John Kroneman (collage and acrylic), Candace Merkel (acrylic), Lisa Langlois (oil), Candace Eason (collage), Jane Hildebrand (sculpture), Dorothy Dorney (multi media), Young-Shill Roberts (watercolor), Kelly Boyle (acrylic), Maureen Ryan (ceramics), Jill Campbell (pencil and monoprint), and Haley Atkinson (watercolor).

The Honey Badgers formed approximately a year ago and consists of John Kroneman, Joseph McSweeny, Glenn Grossman, Maureen Ryan, Leila Saber, Missy Nott-Schmitz, and Mark Cunningham.  Kroneman describes the band’s music as “more on the mild side than the wild side” and “an eclectic blend of folk, blues, jazz, light rock, and also includes show tunes and songs from the ‘Great American Songbook.’"

If you attend the opening, Boyle notes that “the TIC can be difficult to find.” She “tells people to park on Level Two of the Charles St. ramp (the southeast corner) and follow the long corridors to the TIC, or enter from Grand River Ave., one door west of Douglas J..” If you miss Sunday's event, you can also see the "Muse" exhibit during TIC business hours (8:00AM-5:00PM Monday through Friday) through May 17.

The East Lansing Technology Innovation Center is Located at 325 E. Grand River Ave.,