Shot Fired at House Party Saturday Morning

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Monday, October 29, 2018, 8:49 am
Ann Nichols

A gun was fired on the 500 block of M.A.C. Avenue in the early hours of Saturday morning. No injuries are reported.

According to East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez, the incident occurred at a house party. Two subjects who were unknown to the residents were asked to leave. This led to a verbal altercation outside the residence at which time one shot was fired.

“The shot was not fired at anyone,” says Gonzalez, “no one was injured nor was there any damage located from the gunshot. The subjects fled on foot, our K-9 attempted a track but was unable to locate the subjects.”

The State News reports that the MSU Police Department (MSUPD) announced the shot fired on social media, and the Lansing State Journal reports that MSUPD “issued an alert warning nearby residents of potential danger.” ELi asked Gonzalez why no alert was sent to non-students living in East Lansing, and he responded that he would follow up with the on-scene supervisor for an answer.

Gonzalez also told us that ELPD detectives “will be looking at the case in an attempt to identify the individual who fired the shot and charge him appropriately.”

[Editor's Note: the original version of this story erroneously characterized the area of the fired shot as "fraternity row." The area is, in fact, comprised mostly of sorority houses.]


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