Shooting Victim in Surgery; More Details Emerge

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Thursday, November 15, 2018, 10:30 am
Alice Dreger

The victim of today’s early morning’s shooting at East Lansing’s Stonehedge Apartments is in surgery and is expected to survive.

ELPD tells ELi that police have reason to believe the victim was “not random,” and that that is the reason why residents should not be overly concerned about their safety at this time.

In a phone interview conducted this morning, Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez told ELi, “There is enough information that we have developed to make us comfortable [in believing] that this was not a random incident. There was a reason [the suspects] went to that apartment and what happened happened.”

Gonzalez explained that the early morning Nixle emergency alert, which indicated there was “no widespread community threat at this time,” was based on the determination that people did not “need to hunker down, or shelter in place. They don’t need to be concerned about going outdoors or leaving their residences. This is not a widespread threat to the community.”

Said Gonzalez, “The individual who did this is obviously to be considered dangerous by nature of the act, but this was a specific act, [and the victim was] not a random person that happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Gonzalez tells ELi that the 9-1-1 call that came in about 2:30 a.m. reported that a group had forced entry into the apartment and that one individual had been shot.

Emergency workers found the shooting victim in the apartment and transported him to Sparrow Hospital. He was shot in the torso.

“He was visiting an acquaintance at the apartment,” according to Gonzalez, and is from Holt, Michigan. The victim is not an MSU student.

Suspects have not yet been apprehended.

According to the police press release from earlier this morning, “The suspects are described as being 4-5 African-American males wearing dark colored hooded jackets and sweatshirts with their faces partially obscured. Witnesses provided a more detailed description of one of the suspects. He is described as a light skinned African–American male wearing a grey hooded jacket. This individual is reported to have a closely shaved beard.”

Gonzalez told ELi by phone, “That description in the press release is the best we have at this point in time. We are hoping to develop more information, even later today, in terms of suspect descriptions.”

But, he says, it may be some time before suspects are positively identified.

“We have to talk to the victim after he is out of surgery, and chase leads, to see what we’ve got,” Gonzalez said.

He adds that there are witnesses who were in the apartment who are being interviewed, and police are also pursuing “electronic evidence.”

“This takes some time,” he said. “Hopefully between the interviews, evidence, and what the victim can say, we can put a picture together with regard to motive – the reason why this happened.”

Asked whether the incident was related to drugs, Gonzalez said police have yet to make a determination.

The Stonehedge Apartments, where the shooting occurred, comprise the complex made up of white, townhouse-style buildings with colorful awnings, at the northeast corner of Lake Lansing Road and Marfitt Road, just east of Meijer.


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