Scary Clowns Not Seen in East Lansing

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 9:00 am
Ann Nichols

Made you look.

If we ran ELi based on revenue from clicks, making you look would be worth at least a penny or two.

Because we don’t, we don’t get anything when you choose to read one of our articles, unless you make a decision that it’s something of value to you. Believe me, we need the pennies (and dollars) but we prefer a more honest transaction.

If you think about what ELi gives you, it’s possible to make a pretty sound decision about what it’s worth to you. Right now, for example, we’re drilling down deep on the East Lansing Board of Education race. We’ve published profiles of the candidates, a story on the first of several candidate forums, and next week we’ll publish the candidates’ answers to your questions. There will also be coverage of the upcoming forums as well as regular coverage of ELPS Board meetings.

No one else is covering anything related to ELPS with that kind of depth. If you have children in the East Lansing schools (or you did, or you don’t, or you pay taxes) and you care passionately about the District’s future, it matters who serves on the Board of Education. It also matters what the current Board does, and says, and plans. Unless you have time to attend every candidate forum and Board meeting, we’re your source.

How would you be kept up to date and informed if ELi disappeared? The LSJ isn’t covering East Lansing schools regularly, so you’d pretty much have to attend all the meetings or rely on gossip. If you like what we’re doing, if you rely on what we’re doing (and admit it – you’ll never go to all those meetings) then it’s something of value to you.

We can’t keep producing news without money, so if you want it to keep coming, all you have to do is decide what it’s worth to you to know about your School Board candidates, lead levels in school water suppliesfun things to do with kids, or when you need to be extra careful. Then you go here and become a patron.

If you want to be really sure we stick around, you share our articles on social media, you email them to friends, and you say things like “I donate to ELi because they are hustling like crazy, on a shoestring, to keep the community informed. And they care what we think and actually ask readers what they want to know. Which is kind of amazing.” (Although you are, of course, free to choose your own words.)

Creepy clowns may not scare you, but the lack of objective, in-depth, local news is pretty terrifying. If you value it, keep it coming with just a click. © 2013-2020 East Lansing Info