Residents Given Deadlines for Fall Bulk Leaf Collection

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016, 10:13 am
Alice Dreger

Photo courtesy City of East Lansing.

The warmer than typical weather means the City is once again needing to extend its bulk leaf collection this year. This is the process by which East Lansing residents rake their leaves to the curb and Department of Public Works (DPW) teams come—sometimes at painful hours of the morning—with beeping trucks to scoop up all of the leaves to take them away for bulk composting.

The City has announced DPW will be extending collection on the east side through the week of November 21. The city’s east side extends from Abbot Road to Park Lake Road. East side residents are being given a deadline of Monday, November 21 at 7 a.m. but are encouraged to rake the leaves to the curb as soon as possible because, if it snows, everything gets more complicated, so DPW tries to get as much as possible cleaned up before the first snow.

The city’s west side (west of Abbot Road) will see pick-up through the week of November 14, so west side residents have been given a deadline of Monday, November 14, at 7.a.m. DPW may do an extra pick-up on the west side if the weather calls for it, but residents should have their leaves ready by November 14, or sooner if possible.

Residents are reminded that composting their own leaves (on their own property) is better for the environment because the leaves will then not require collection and transport by fossil-fuel-burning vehicles. Composting can be done in a simple heap in a corner of a yard. Raking leaves onto garden beds provides protection to delicate spring plants and replenishes nutrients in the soil. Composting your own leaves also saves the City and the taxpayers the cost of collection and transport.

If you do rake your leaves to the curb, the city reminds you not to rake them into the roadway. Having leaves in the roadways can cause slippery roadways and drainage problems that can lead to flooding and accidents.


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