Police Called to Middle School for Student with Clown Mask and Knives

Friday, October 7, 2016, 1:19 pm
Alice Dreger

This morning at about 8 a.m., East Lansing Police were called to East Lansing’s MacDonald Middle School to deal with a twelve-year-old girl who was wearing a clown mask and running at other children. According to ELPD’s Lieutenant Scott Wriggelsworth, when police responded, “we somehow ended up searching her backpack and located two large kitchen knives in the backpack.”

Wriggelsworth tells ELi, “We then learned, while investigating that, that earlier today at a bus stop in Meridian Township, this female had her mask on and was actually scaring kids with the knives in her hands.”

Wriggelsworth says he does not believe the girl threatened to stab anyone: “She was using real knives to, I guess, increase the scare, which always works.”

Earlier today, East Lansing Public Schools’ administration sent out a message, apparently only to parents and guardians of children who attend MacDonald Middle School, saying that this morning, “it was reported to school administration that a student brought a clown mask to MacDonald Middle School. The school administration did an immediate investigation and discovered the student wore a clown mask to school and was in possession of two kitchen knives. The student was immediately isolated to the front office, and the Superintendent and East Lansing Police department were notified.”

According to the announcement from ELPS, “The school administration and ELPD interviewed the student with the student’s parent and took appropriate action. MacDonald Middle School Administration and staff will continue to closely monitor student behavior with support from ELPD. Our students’ safety is our top priority. We invite you to have a discussion with your child and encourage them to report any concerning information or activities.”

Later, a notice went out to all district parents and guardians.

According to Wriggelsworth, ELPD will be working with probate court and the parents on the pressing of charges.

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