Pinecrest meeting with Lahanas, Talifarro, etc.

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 7:00pm

From an email from Chris Root:

"You are invited to a meeting this Monday, September 17, at 7:00 pm at Pinecrest School at which City Manager George Lahanas, Fire Chief Randy Talifarro, City Clerk Marie McKenna, and Fire Marshall Gerry Rodabaugh will discuss the current status and issues arising from the regional fire service study. The proposal for a Regional Fire Authority contained in this study is moving forward very with very little public discussion by citizens of East Lansing.
"This session is a meeting of the Pinecrest Neighborhood Association, which has graciously invited other interested residents from East Lansing to attend. This topic could come up on the agenda any time after 7:15.
"Here is some background. The East Lansing Fire Department Chief is currently serving as the Fire Chief for Lansing as well as for East Lansing.  This arrangement was agreed to as a temporary cost saving measure which would also provide additional professional understanding of the workings of the two departments.  Under a joint agreement among Lansing, Lansing Township, East Lansing, Michigan State University, and Meridian Township, a Fire Services Study was completed in June 2012 by the consulting firm Plante Moran to look at the possibility of establishing a Regional Fire Authority.  The Plante Moran study can be downloaded from
"In addition, a September 13 article in the Lansing State Journal reports on a newly-created financial review team led by David Hollister that, in six months, will recommend a plan for dealing with the ongoing deficits in Lansing, and Lansing Mayor Verg Bernaro says he hopes the group’s report will include a focus on regionalism and potential consolidation opportunities. So proposals on this front – going even beyond Fire Services –are proceeding very quickly. (The article is at: (