Phone poll regarding Glencairn Elementary School class size raising questions

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 10:20 am
Karessa Wheeler


A number of residents in the Glencairn neighborhood are reporting receiving telephone calls this week consisting of a poll asking questions about the class size situation at Glencairn Elementary School.

No party has taken responsibility for the calls.

On a Facebook post in the group “Support Public Education in East Lansing,” resident Sarah Preisser reported the caller is asking “2-3 questions about the district priorities, awareness on overcrowding at Glencairn, and how to address overcrowding at Glencairn.”

Board of Education Trustee Hillary Henderson stated that it was not a poll that was initiated or paid for by the ELPS or its Board. This was confirmed by Gail Gillengerten, administrative assistant to the superintendet.

Resident Mindy Morgan also received the call and reported on Facebook that “the questions are poorly worded and the results will be terribly skewed as a result. It only focuses on enrollment at Glencairn as if it is the only school in the district.”

In a separate thread, former ELPS Board member Babette Krause reported that neighborhoods outside of Glencairn were also receiving the poll but the questions directed at residents of those neighborhoods did not specify the Glencairn School as the subject, but asked about overcrowding at “the school nearest to me.”

ELPS Superintendent Dr. Robyne Thompson recently published her list of solutions to potential overcrowding in the kindergarten classrooms at Glencairn. She laid out five options if the numbers should increase significantly, including increasing pay to teachers with larger classrooms, hiring paraprofessionals to assist with teaching in those classrooms, moving the cognitively impaired classroom to Donley, moving a portable classroom to Glencairn, or reopen Red Cedar Elementary school for kindergarten, first and second grades.

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