New Features at ELi

Wednesday, January 24, 2018, 11:51 am
Alice Dreger, Publisher, and Ann Nichols, Managing Editor

We’re excited to bring you several new features at ELi!

Photo of the week: A lot of people who took our last reader survey loved the idea of adding a reader-contributed “photo of the week” to ELi’s weekly newsletter. We love it, too!

We are now ready to start that, thanks to our tech wizard Lisa Lees making it easy for our contributors and our editors. Click here to learn how to send in a photo by email. And if you’re not signed up for our free weekly newsletter, do it now! It comes to you on Friday afternoons in your email.

Community Advisory Board: ELi is forming a Community Advisory Board of folks who we will tap to help us ever-improve our service to this community. This will be about a dozen people who will meet quarterly with the two of us plus a rotating selection of our Board of Directors. The CAB will also be asked to give us ongoing feedback in between the in-person meetings.

We have asked around and identified about ten people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives that we’re going to be inviting. Do you know someone who would be great for this - someone with a critically-important perspective who would contribute to achieving the ELi mission without overwhelming our discussions about it? Contact us! (Use the “message to Community editor” option.)

The “real-time” mailer is now a daily newsletter: Having analyzed how people use our emailed “real-time mailer,” we’ve decided to change it to be a daily newsletter to better serve the readers who have signed up.

We know from looking at the user patterns that most of the people on that email list are most interested in “hard” news. But we don’t want to decide for them what we should alert them about. So, now the day’s news is bundled together into a short emailed newsletter.

If there’s a big story that we think people on that list would want to know about two minutes after publication, we’ll still send those out in “real-time" to everyone signed up for the daily newsletter.

You can sign up for ELi’s free daily newsletter here.

Some ELi addicts sign up for both the daily and the weekly. Why? Read more here.

And don’t forget the New Donor Match! There’s about a week left in our New Donor Match Campaign. If you’ve never donated to ELi before, now is a great time because we can double your donation. Read more.

Are you an existing donor and longing to help ELi? Consider cutting and pasting our “Ask a Friend” message to send to people you think might pitch in. (If you want to know who has already donated to ELi, check out our Sponsors page.)


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