MSU Spring Plant Sale and "Fascination of Plants Day" Take Place May 20

Friday, May 19, 2017, 9:36 am
Coleen Moyerbrailean

Above: the 2016 Spring Plant Sale

It will be a busy weekend in East Lansing this weekend. Scores of visitors will check out the Art Festival, Festival music performances, and the MSU Spring Arts and Crafts Show. In case you’re still looking for more to do, MSU’s annual spring plant sale is set to take place this Friday and Saturday at the Greenhouses of the Plant and Soil Sciences Building, (1066 Bogue Street) and the department of Plant Biology is hosting a variety of interactive experiences around its “Fascination of Plants Day” event.

The spring plant sale has been going on for “about 25 years”, according to Dan Bulkowski, manager of the Horticulture Gardens and Greenhouse. Proceeds from the sale, above and beyond the cost of putting on the sale, go to support the various Horticultural Gardens around campus.

Items for sale include: perennials; ornamental grasses; trees, shrubs, and vines; vegetables and herbs; and annuals and tropicals. A complete inventory of the items is available online. The Horticulture Department stresses that quantities are limited and suggests becoming a member of the Horticulture Gardens for thirty five dollars. The membership allows entrance to the VIP members-only Friday evening plant sale. Members also receive 10% off all purchases and free entrance into the MSU Horticulture Garden and 200 reciprocal American Horticulture Society gardens across the United States. When asked if many people chose the membership option, Bulkowski replied, “oh yes, more and more every year.”

In addition to the plant sale, the Department of Plant Biology is hosting a “Fascination of Plants Day: From Seed to Fruit” on Saturday, May 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Molecular Plant Sciences Building (1066 Bogue Street).This event is coordinated with the Fourth International "Fascination of Plants Day." The goal of “Fascination of Plants Day” is to get as many people as possible around the world enthused about the importance of plant sciences for agriculture, forestry, non-food products and pharmaceuticals. The role of plants in environmental conservation is also a key message.

The Plant Biology Department posted the following description of the day’s events on its website:

- Experience hands-on activities on fruit development, seed germination and photosynthesis, and see how plants can defend themselves from invaders

Planned activities include:

- Extraction of DNA from fruits
- Match the seeds to the plants
- Measure the photosynthetic activity of plants

- Learn about the colors of flowers;
- "Smelling" station: can you guess the plant it comes from?

-Learn how plants grow, reproduce and survive in nature

-Discover the tools researchers use in the lab: plants, DNA and GMOs

-Learn about plants beyond food: medicinal and cosmetic plants

-Speakers’ corner: interact with MSU researchers on the high value of medicinal plants, the fascinating world of mushrooms and fungi and more


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