Michigan Musicians Come Together to Perform Benefit Concert for Bethany and Brandon Foote

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 10:28 am
Julie Rojewski

This coming Sunday evening, respected musicians from around Michigan will join together at People’s Church to offer their talents in support of a couple who are active in the community and have had a challenging year, Bethany and Brandon Foote, who perform under the band name, Gifts or Creatures. Organized by May Erlewine Bernard, this benefit concert will feature Seth Bernard, Drew Howard, Max Lockwood, Steve Leaf, Drew Howard, John Hanson, Tony Roth and Joyce Walker, Micah Ling, Jen Sygit, Laura Bates, the Wilson Brothers, Joey Schultz, Erlewine, and others.

“It will be a fun evening,” said Bethany Foote, who was surprised to learn only recently that her friends and colleagues, many of whom are part of the EarthWorks music collective, had planned this benefit. “It’s rare to have all of these people playing together in one evening. Sometimes they will all play the same festival over a weekend,” but this benefit concert provides a unique opportunity to hear all of these talented performers in a single evening, she said.

It is also a chance to support Brandon and Bethany Foote, who have established roots in the community: he is a fixture at Elderly Instruments and has worked on behalf of environmental and community causes. She is an Assistant Director at People’s Church Preschool. Brandon has suffered from health challenges for the past year. After surgery at the University of Michigan Medical Center last spring, Brandon has struggled to regain his strength and stamina, and has been on medical leave from his job. It is not clear when he will return to work. The couple is expecting their first child in January, 2016.

Of the benefit, Bethany joked, “a lot came together behind the scenes; we only just learned about it after it was already planned!” Tony Roth and Joyce Walker, a duo from Kalamazoo, were honored when asked to help. “When the call came out asking who would be interested in being part of a benefit, given their circumstances, I jumped at the chance: I would do it whenever, wherever. Brandon and Bethany are such amazing, special people,” said Roth. “I didn’t fully understand that I would actually be playing music—I thought I would come, maybe bake some cookies or move a bunch of folding chairs…I’d do anything to help them out—but to play music with such well-established musicians, in support of Bethany and Brandon, is a true honor.”

The benefit concert is open to the public. The show starts at 7:00 p.m. at the People’s Church. Tickets are available at the door and are $10 for adults, $8 for students, and children twelve and under are free. For more information, see https://earthworkmusic.com/events-ind?i=1166.


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