Meadows Reelected Mayor, Altmann Elected Mayor Pro Tem

Monday, November 27, 2017, 7:28 am
Alice Dreger

Mark Meadows (left) and Erik Altmann, photos courtesy City of East Lansing.

Mark Meadows has been reelected by East Lansing’s City Council to serve as Mayor for the next two years, while Erik Altmann has been elected as Mayor Pro Tem. ELi had predicted this outcome given voting patterns at Council over the least two years, given that Meadows, Altmann, and now-former Mayor Pro Tem Ruth Beier have been voting consistently together, and Beier said she did not want to continue as Mayor Pro Tem.

In the November 7 election, Beier was reelected by the voters to serve another four years on Council. Newcomer Aaron Stephens was also elected for a four-year term, replacing Susan Woods, who lost her bid for reelection.  The terms of Meadows, Altmann, and Shanna Draheim run another two years.

Beier and Stephens were sworn in last Monday, November 20, by City Clerk Marie Wicks. On November 21, the Council convened for the election of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, with all five members present.

Meadows was the only person nominated for Mayor, and received unanimous approval from the Council. Later in the evening, he thanked his colleagues "for a vote of confidence," and said he was looking forward to working with Stephens. "I think he's the perfect fit for this," Meadows said about Stephens. In advance of the election, Meadows came out in favor of Woods and against Stephens.

When the time came for the election of Mayor Pro Tem, Altmann first formally nominated Beier. Beier said, as she had before the election, that she feels she is too busy at this time to continue to serve as Mayor Pro Tem. She then nominated Altmann, who received unanimous support from Council.

Mayor Pro Tem functions like a deputy mayor, taking over the official duties of the mayor when the mayor is unavailable.

Meadows told Council later in the evening that the Council has "spiritied discussion and opinions" but that "we try to do the best thing we can for the people of the City of East Lansing."

Currently being on Council pays members $8,272 per year, with the Mayor being paid a total of $9,634 per year.




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