Marble Student Has Big Goals for Girl Scout Cookie Sales

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Thursday, March 16, 2017, 7:00 am
Mosey Rojewski

Above: the reporter (left) with Leyliana Moreno (in cow costume) at a cookie booth.

Do you like buying Girl Scout cookies? Leyliana Moreno likes selling cookies maybe even more than you like buying them.

Leyliana is a 4th grade Junior Girl Scout at Marble Elementary School, and this year, she has a goal to sell 5,000 boxes of cookies. Last year she sold almost 4,000 boxes, when she was at Lansing Charter Academy. She was the top seller for the whole Lansing region! Her new Girl Scout troop mates in Troop 30556 interviewed her about her goal and her plans:

When asked why she has a goal of 5,000 boxes for this year, Leyliana said, “Because it’s a big goal. I sold a lot last year, but I wanted a goal that was even bigger for this year.” She explained how she does it. “My mom and I drive around and look for places that are really busy with a lot of traffic, and if that looks like a good place to do a cookie booth, then we ask the person in charge if we can set up a booth there.”

Leyliana and her mom usually sell cookies from their table every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after school, and all day Saturday and Sunday. They take Monday and Tuesday off to rest, because that’s a lot of time on their feet. That means almost every day during cookie season, Leyliana is standing somewhere hoping people will stop to buy some cookies. She has signs that a company made and donated to her to use, and she sometimes wears a cow costume because “cookies and milk go together,” she explained.

She is collecting donation boxes of cookies to give to EVE. One of her troop mates asked if she liked selling cookies every day. “I do like it. It’s hard, but I like having a hard goal to work on.”

Leyliana will earn many cool prizes for selling so many cookies. Troops also get a percentage of the sale of each box of cookies to use for troop activities. Marble Troop 30556 doesn’t know what they will do with the cookie money this year—all 11 girls have worked hard to sell cookies, even if most aren’t trying to sell 5,000 boxes! Leyliana’s old troop is using the money she helped earn last year to go to Chicago. “I think I will probably go with them,” she said.

Leyliana and the rest of Girl Scout Troop 30556 at Marble are happy when anyone buys cookies from any of their Girl Scout sisters all over East Lansing. “Everyone works really hard, especially Leyliana” Says Girl Scout Troop Leader Julie Rojewski (Mosey’s mom). “It’s been wonderful to see the other girls set big goals for themselves, and for them to find ways to help Leyliana reach her goals,” Julie added. All of the girls are excited for Leyliana and wishing her good luck!

Disclaimer: The author of this piece is in Leyliana’s class and in her Girl Scout troop. Mosey wants to thank the other Girl Scouts for their help in interviewing Leyliana.

About Troop 30556: Girl Scout Troop 30556 includes eleven girls and two Troop Leaders. All the girls are either in Mrs. VanRemmen or Mr. Price’s 4th grade class at Marble Elementary.
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