Leaf Collection Timeline Extended

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Monday, November 9, 2015, 2:48 pm
Alice Dreger

The City has announced that fall bulk leaf collection is being extended on the west side of town and may also be extended on the east side of town. The extension is happening because the leaves are dropping later than expected.

Because our city has so many old and prodigious trees, East Lansing follows an unusual arrangement whereby citizens rake their leaves to the curb and the Department of Public Works comes by, collects the leaves, and then composts them. Residents who have lived here a while are accustomed in the fall to the early morning appearance of trucks and workers coming to scoop up all the leaves.

Here’s the revised plan for this fall:

West side (residences west of Abbot Road): According to a special communication from the City released today, “In addition to collecting leaves on the west side the week of Nov. 9 as regularly scheduled, the crews will return to the west side Nov. 23-25 to collect any remaining leaves. As always, it is important that residents have their leaves raked to the curb by no later than Monday at 7:30 a.m. in order to ensure collection.”

East side (residences east of Abbot Road): According to the city, the final week of bulk collection for this side of town “will be the week of Nov. 16. City staff will continue to assess the leaf drop on the east side to determine if a collection extension is necessary. At this time, an extension is not planned.”

Regular curbside yard waste collection continues through November 23. Read more about that process here.

Photo courtesy City of East Lansing.



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