ELi’s Last Appeal for Sustainability in 2020

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019, 3:05 pm
Alice Dreger, Publisher

We hear all the time from people in East Lansing how lucky they feel to have ELi, their dedicated local nonprofit, nonpartisan news organization. They tell us they appreciate not only the news we bring, but the integrity and sense of community that we bring to the task. They appreciate that 85 percent of their donated dollars goes to paying local people to do excellent local work.

Well, this is it. Our matching funds for our 2020 Sustainability Campaign expire at midnight on New Year's Eve, and we still have matching funds available.

As of December 31 at 3 p.m., we have raised $122,822. We have $1,348 left in matching funds that can be used to match ALL additional donations!

That means if we can just get $1,089 more in donations before midnight tonight, we will hit our goal and know we can be here reporting for you throughout 2020. (It also means I personally get to be sprung from “fundraising jail” and get back to reporting.)

REMEMBER: All monthly commitments are matched at the ANNUAL rate! So a $20/month commitment gets us $480 closer to that goal! (That’s because $20/month will bring $240 from you in 2020 plus a $240 match.)


Checks are the one option that involve no overhead fees for us. If you let us know that you’re sending a check, and let us know the amount, we will write it in as a commitment and put it toward the goal. Just contact us at fundraise@eastlansinginfo.org. Make the check payable to “East Lansing Info” and send it to PO Box 115, East Lansing, MI, 48826.

If you’re going to set up a monthly auto-check donation, that’s great, too — just let us know that and the amount by writing to fundraise@eastlansinginfo.org. Make the auto-pay payable to “East Lansing Info” and send it to PO Box 115, East Lansing, MI, 48826. Remember we can match this at the ANNUAL rate!

If you want to give by credit card, that’s great, too! Hop over to ELi’s NewsMatch page and donate there. If you want to make a monthly credit card commitment, just indicate the MONTHLY amount and check the box that says “make this a recurring gift.” That will be matched at the ANNUAL rate. So a $10 commitment becomes $240 for us for 2020 reporting!

You can also give to ELi via PayPal by sending a payment to publisher@eastlansinginfo.org and you can give monthly via PayPal. Donations made via PayPal are matched the same way!

And yes, special bundles are still eligible for the triple-match! If you want to put together a bundle of $500 or more by 3 or more donors, read more here.

Need a little inspiration or a video to share with friends who might be potential ELi donors? Here you go!


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