Late Night Host Seth Meyers Visits MSU

Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 9:59 am
Ashley Griffin


Seth Meyers, the current host of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and the previous Head Writer of “Saturday Night Live” visited Michigan State University on the evening of November 6th to give a talk as part of the Xfinity EntertainU speaker series.

MSU was notified just days in advance that it had won the lecture as part of the Comcast-sponsored contest in which students vote for their university online to win a visit. The event was filmed by Comcast Xfinity and will soon be available as an OnDemand option which viewers will have the ability to watch nationwide.

ASMSU put on the free event in a lecture hall at the Business College Complex, a venue that has limited seating but also allowed Meyers to be close to the audience. ASMSU reported that approximately 560 tickets were given away to students on Sunday, November 6th within two hours of registration opening.  Due to popular demand another 25 tickets were announced via Facebook to be available to students; those were snapped up in less than one minute the next day. A line spanning the length of the entire second floor hallway in the Business College Complex formed over an hour before doors opened to get seats, while more students waited beside the doors hopeful that they would be let in at the last minute without a ticket.

MSU Senior Evan Hayden was one of the lucky people that gained entrance without having a ticket when a few seats opened up at the last minute. “I was excited to get in because I knew about Seth Meyers from SNL and liked his comedy, and I was glad that I went because he actually made me think differently about me being a young person and comforted me in the fact that he didn’t have immediate success.”

Representatives from the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show were on campus earlier that day to recruit students for production internships at the Communication Arts and Sciences building and to hand out informational flyers throughout the night on various other internships for NBC. A few, select students were chosen to partake in the Q&A session and were able to personally ask their questions to Seth Meyers after he spoke. Students asked everything from what his favorite ice cream flavor was to any career advice he had.  [Editor’s note: although she was too professionally objective to mention it, the author of this article was among the students selected to ask Meyers a question.]

MSU Sophomore Nino Candela really enjoyed the event and all of the advice that was given, “I really liked what he said about this being the best time to fail, when you’re young. He had a lot of good advice and it was really entertaining.”

It turns out Seth Meyers is no stranger to the local area. He revealed that he grew up in Okemos between the ages of 5-11 and remembers it fondly. Earlier that day he had time to visit his childhood home and knock on the door, but the current owners didn’t seem to be home. Graduating from Northwestern University, he is also very familiar with the Big 10 and mentioned MSU’s undefeated season, taking a picture with Sparty before the event started.





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