Lansing House Show Tonight Features EL Bands

Saturday, June 25, 2016, 9:02 am
Samuel Sprague

Tonight, East Lansing-based local bands Squid and Immanuel Can’t perform alongside Marvels and Sojii. The show will take place at Marvels’ home on the Eastside of Lansing. This particular neighborhood is known in the local music scene for its house venues.

The first annual Stoopfest took place this April in the Eastside neighborhood where six houses, all within walking distance of one another, played host to over 60 bands and 30 comedians. Renowned Eastside homes such as Jade House, Mustard Palace, and Hayford House are frequented by local concert-goers.

Marvels, Photo by Holly Cary

Marvels’ lead singer Matt Everett says they’ve had bands play at their house in the past, but nothing consistent enough for their home to be considered an established house venue. Matt hopes this show will help spread the word about house shows in the local area and help kick off a series of summer shows at their place. Their Bandcamp currently features three EPs, all self-produced and engineered by their long-time friend and housemate Ian Tinnin. Their latest release, Drudge Attire, is the best representation of their aggressive shoegaze rock ‘n roll live performance.

Immanuel Can't, Photo byTyler Smith

East Lansing’s Immanuel Can’t has been playing around Michigan for about two and a half years. With tendencies toward the experimental, this five-piece aims for noisy, jarring tones and elaborate structure in their music. Bassist Josh Starks enjoys playing house shows because “it's more intimate. There's a closer connection between the audience and the performers. Because music is a very specifically expressive medium, in a situation where there is a closeness between those viewing the expression and those expressing, the result feels much more genuine.”

Squid, Photo by Sarah McDairmid

Squid’s shoegaze-tinged sound is no surprise coming from guitarist Blake Gibbs, who releases ambient music under his solo project Chamomile. He recently released a limited run cassette on Tape Hiss Music called The Basement Bloom featuring eight soothing tracks, blending rich textures of guitars and synths. You may have caught Squid if you were at Mac’s Bar on June 19th, where they played with Croatone, Darsombra, They’re Dead, and The Jackpine Snag.


Sojii is Grand Rapids’ noise rock outfit featured on tonight’s bill, where they’ll make their Lansing debut. Their chaotic style is delivered with nothing short of fiery, brooding passion. Their self-titled EP is available on Bandcamp now.

Doors open at 7:00PM @ 426 S Clemens Ave, Lansing, MI. There is a $5 suggested donation to the bands, and all ages are welcome. 

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