Jackson Scharf Beier (2009-2016)

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Saturday, January 23, 2016, 12:11 am
Ruth Beier

[Note: As we explained yesterday, ELi is now running pet obituaries for the dearly departed of East Lansing.]

Jackson Scharf Beier was born in Kentucky in 2009 to an indifferent bitch who refused to nurse or care for her whelps. His adoptive family strove to make up for this primal loss with uncountable hugs, pats, walks, treats, and cozy blankets by the fire. Early on, he showed promise in lap sitting, leaning, and eating, and he continued to develop those skills for the rest of his life. He loved his mumma and his other mumma with the purest heart either has ever known.

Jackson is survived by his nemesis Blueberry, his friend Piglet, his two mummas, and many other relatives including his two-year-old human niece, Amelia, who loved him and FaceTimed him from California regularly.

On being told of Jackson’s departure, Amelia, who recently observed the metamorphosis of a dozen caterpillars in her back yard, said, "Jack is not gone, he is just becoming a butterfly."

There will be no service. In lieu of cards or flowers, pat your dog and cherish those who love you no matter what you do, right up until the time they, too, turn into butterflies.

Below: The author with Jackson. Ruth Beier and Terry Scharf live in the Oakwood neighborhood with Blueberry and Piglet.

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