Iorio's Gelato and Caffe to Open in Trowbridge Lofts

Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 7:57 am
Abigail Heath

On November 9, Iorio’s Gelato and Caffe will be opening up in the Trowbridge Lofts.

According to the owner, Nick Lemmer, his family is from the area and that was one of the reasons that he decided to open his business in East Lansing. Lemmer also said that they have a shop in Ann Arbor and wanted to take the opportunity to expand further, especially because they have been given so much support for their idea.

Gelato is similar to ice cream, but different in several key ways. It’s made with milk rather than cream, which gives it a lower fat and calorie count than traditional ice cream, it is whipped at a slower speed which means it contains less air (and is therefore denser), and it’s served at a warmer temperature which makes it easier to fully experience the flavor. Iorio’s also offers sorbettos for a dairy-free/vegan option.

The idea for this unique business came from an Italian family history. “We sell an experience,” said Lemmer. “We pride ourselves on an authentic Italian experience.”

Lemmer said, when people walk into the business for the first time, they will notice that the atmosphere is different than the norm. He said it will feel like you are stepping right out of East Lansing and into Italy.

 Iorio’s Gelato and Caffe holds itself to several “pillars” of values. These are: people, place, product, promotion and presentation, said Lemmer. The business also will have a modern design that will revolve around these values.

A photograph of Lemmer's grandmother's family, who the store is named after with Iorio's Ann Arbor location in the back ground

Additionally, Lemmer said that the “cherry on top” of the business is the partners that they have been able to work with. He added, “We pride ourselves on our customer service and training.”

One of Lemmer’s main goals for the business is to keep moving forward. Lemmer said, “We want to make sure we are getting all the information and analyzing every next step so that we aren’t growing too fast and that we’re harnessing the business’s growth to give it the best possible chance of success.”

When asked what Iorio’s Gelato and Caffe will bring to the East Lansing community, Lemmer said, “awesome coffee and unbelievable gelato” and a “fun and welcoming atmosphere.”


Trowbridge Lofts are located at 1040 Trowbridge Road, in East Lansing.