Income Tax Fails, Beier and Stephens Win Council Seats

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 11:53 pm
Jessy Gregg

Ruth Beier has retained her seat and MSU Student Aaron Stephens has beaten out Susan Woods and will be joining the East Lansing City Council. Here’s how the voting for City Council broke down:

Ruth Beier

3522 votes

Aaron Stephens

3031 votes

Susan Woods

2695 votes

Write-in votes (there were no registered write-in candidates)


 Here’s how the results of the paired proposals on property tax reduction and a City income tax break down in uncertified results from the Ingham County Clerk’s office:

Question 1 (property tax reduction)

Passed 3832 to 2175

Question 2 (income tax)

Failed 3249 to 2863

The wording of the property tax reduction proposal appears to specify that it can only take effect if the income tax reduction also passed. (See ballot here.) This would appear to mean that property taxes will not be reduced at this time.

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