Important Fundraising Update

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Monday, October 19, 2015, 4:15 pm
Alice Dreger, Publisher and Board President

As of this morning, we have reached a total of $3,297 in donations towards our goal of $10,000 for this month. We are delighted that over half of those donating are new donors to ELi.

We are trying to raise $10,000 this month to fund ELi’s work through the end of January. You can read the report from our first fiscal year to see proof of how frugal, efficient, and local we are.

For this month’s fundraiser (only), an anonymous donor has offered up to ten $500 matching grants for donations in the amount of $500. The great thing is that we can also get a $500 match if you get a group of friends or neighbors together to bundle donations to reach $500. Consider doing this!

So far this month we’ve had two $500 donations come in—one from Kurt and Claire Hankenson, and one from our board member Stephen Thomas and his husband Joe Lonstein. We also have two $500 bundles in the works thanks to our reporter and supporter Chris Root. (If those come through, that will get us to about $5,300.)

We still need you.

Have you ever been grateful to ELi for one particular article? Consider donating $5. Three stories? Think about $10. A whole series, maybe EL Rewind or Council Capsule or Ann about Town or our campaign financing reports? What about a $30 donation? Especially impressed with the work one of our reporters—perhaps Paige Filice’s coverage of the Red Cedar River watershed? Consider donating $100 specifically in honor of that reporter.

Donations are tax deductible for the calendar year of 2015.

Help us out right now.


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