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Thursday, November 21, 2019, 7:00 am
Alice Dreger, Publisher

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Do you enjoy having access to the important news and valuable information about East Lansing that we bring, but have never given to East Lansing Info (ELi)? This special appeal is to you.

I need your help to keep our amazing team reporting in 2020 on East Lansing’s City Council, finances and taxes, our library and schools, new and beloved local businesses, sports, and more.

Right now, we can DOUBLE tax-deductible donations from new and old donors alike!

ELi is a recognized nonprofit organization that currently runs on about $100,000 per year. We turn tax-deductible local donations into news and paying jobs for local people.

Right now, thanks to NewsMatch, ELi is able to get matching funds for every donation up to $1,000 per individual. That means a $10 donation from you brings $20 to support ELi’s work!

But donations from new donors – people who have never given to ELi before – can do even more for us right now!

That’s because NewsMatch will give us a substantial bonus if we can draw 100 new donors to ELi during NewsMatch (November 1 – December 31). So far during NewsMatch, we’ve had 16 new donors.

The bonus amount is determined after NewsMatch is over based on how much funds are left. But based on last year’s NewsMatch bonuses – which brought ELi a much-needed extra $5,000 – we can guess the “new donor” bonus will be about $2,500.

By my math, if we can get 84 more new donors to give us $10 each now, the bonus will mean we can effectively quadruple those $10 donations via the NewsMatch dollar-for-dollar match plus the new-member bonus!

We need 84 new donors to step up asap!

You can actually give as little as $5 to help us get closer to the new-member bonus. But if you have the means to give more, then you will help stretch our budget farther.

A $5 per month donation turns into $120 for us next year, not even counting the new-member bonus! That’s because NewsMatch will match new-member monthly commitments at the annual rate! So $5 per month from you gets us $60 from you and $60 from NewsMatch, plus your name will count toward the new-member bonus! (Click on the "donate now" button below and when prompted, check the box that says "make this a recurring gift.")

Don’t have the means to give even $5 to ELi right now? Keep reading anyway. Help us out when you are able.

This is a community that has come together for five years now to make sure that everyone, regardless of means, can freely obtain nonpartisan, meaningful local news and information through this public service organization. ELi is a beautiful way that we work to take care of each other here.

Thank you!

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