How Can You Increase Your Monthly PayPal Contribution to ELi?

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 11:59 am
Alice Dreger, Publisher of ELi

Here’s an update on our 2018 Sustainability Campaign: Thanks to fourteen more readers stepping up to support us via checks and credit card donations, we are already up to a total $36,228 commitment to our 2018 goal of $100,000!

If you want to contribute, it’s easy and tax-deducible. Click here. If you want to know why we need $100,000 for 2018, click here.

Several folks have responded to our 2018 Sustainability Campaign by asking how they can increase their monthly contribution that they are making to ELi on PayPal. Thank you for being willing to do this!

To change your monthly contribution amount, PayPal requires that you either cancel the current subscription and set up a new one with the amount you want to donate each month, or create a second subscription with the additional amount you want to donate.

If you want to set up a new (first or second) monthly donation amount, click here.

If you want to cancel the existing monthly donation amount, go to and log-in using the email address you used to set up the monthly donation. (If you’re not sure what that was, email and I will look it up for you.)

Then go into “Activity” using the link near the top-left of the screen. Find an entry for “East Lansing Info” and click on that.

Click on “Manage East Lansing Info payments.”

Near the top left of the screen you will see “Subscription details.” A few lines below that it gives you a “cancel” option. Click through that.

Then set up a new monthly donation amount using this page.

Let us know if you run into any problems! And thanks again!


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