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Monday, December 7, 2015, 10:24 am
Rosalind Arch

As the year comes to an end, parents and loved ones scramble in search of the perfect holiday gifts for college students. Even a semester on campus is long enough to change a person’s taste in music, clothes, and hobbies.

Instead of waiting for the holiday wish list that arrives the day before Chanukah, Christmas or Kwanza, or the “but I don’t know what I want this year,” we’ve compiled some suggestions from East Lansing area college students to help guide your shopping.

“I really want an Apple TV for Christmas this year,” says Ariana Zarbinian, Junior at MSU, “That way I can use my computer to study while I watch Netflix on my TV”. The Apple TV hooks up to a television monitor and allows viewers to choose movies and TV shows through various apps such as HBO NOW, Netflix, Watch ESPN, and more. Apple claims this product is the future of television, as entertainment from our favorite channels can be reached with Siri’s help in just a few clicks. This innovative technology is available at the Apple store, Best Buy, and Target, for $64.99. A subscription to Netflix would pair nicely with this gift.

Other devices such as speakers, tablets, headphones, and kindles are popular items on many lists this year. “I’ve been waiting till’ Christmas to ask my parents for a tablet; something small that I can carry around in my backpack” Says Jake Hillman, junior at LCC. Entry level touchscreen tablets can be purchased for as little as $49.99. “Tablets and kindles are great for accessing school books online and save me the hassle of carrying them all to class,” remarks Hillman.

Taylor Manske, junior at Michigan State, suggests a nice camera for any college student preparing for travel abroad during their summer or after graduation. “I’m wishing for a Nikon J1,” notes Manske. “I’m working at an internship in Panama this summer and would really like to have one there with me!”

Fancy gadgets aren't the only thing on kids’ minds this year, especially as MSU students prepare for the spring semester of cold walks across campus. “Nice wool socks are always a great gift this time of year,” remarks Zarbinian. Knee high socks, infinity scarves, and fleece lined leggings are popular picks for women this season, and “beanie” hats and Timberland boots are safe bets for the guys.

For students that enjoy the great outdoors, Dylan Sliter, Junior at Michigan State, recommends some nice hiking shoes like the Merrells on his own Christmas list. Sliter adds that “a sleeping bag would be great for camping this summer.” 

A memberships to a yoga studio such as East Lansing Hot Yoga can be purchased for any students looking to de-stress from classes at a local studio. East Lansing’s Creative Wellness also offers gift certificates for massages and “Wellness Packages,” all of which may be purchased online.

If all else fails, turn to gift cards: they aren’t tacky, we promise, and more likely than not your student will revel in the opportunity to buy a few things from the favorite stores they couldn’t afford otherwise. “I like gift cards because they give you a chance to pick out what you really want” Says Manske. Spending money is a luxury for students struggling with bills, rent, and grocery trips, and come with the added guarantee of a present they’re sure to enjoy.






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