Helping Women Period Seeks Help for their Summer Product Distribution

Friday, August 19, 2016, 8:37 am
Peyton Lombardo

Helping Women Period collects and donates feminine products to those in the Lansing area. With over 30,000 tampons and 25,000 pads already donated, there is no sign of slowing down soon, especially with their upcoming Summer Product Distribution.

The Summer Product Distribution, which will take place on Wednesday, August 24, is seeking volunteers to be both sorters and drivers looking to help the cause. The sorters will be gathering and organizing all of the donations while the drivers will be delivering them to places in need. The event’s home base will be the Greater Lansing Housing Coalition, with deliveries going out in the tri-county area.

The organization’s two founders, Lysne Tait and Amy Stephenson read about the lack of feminine products in homeless communities and were inspired to jump in on the cause. “We both had donated shampoo, toilet paper and other items but never thought about these items being in need, which after reading the article seemed so obvious!” Stephenson said.

Over 25 of Helping Women Period’s charity partners have donations piling in. “We are giving out over 20,000 pads and 15,000 tampons at this event, to the designated charities.” said Tait, adding that up to two weeks before the next distribution in November, they will be accepting orders from other charities.

The organization hopes to get many community members involved. “About twelve drivers are canvassing the greater Lansing area to make deliveries, and three sorters are unloading the truck and sorting the products,” Stephenson told us. “So, it takes a village!”

The organization has held three previous events similar to this one with great success. After this event, they have another Distribution scheduled in November. In the months of September and October, they are planning outreach events to schools in the area.

Also in September, they will be the designated charity at a fundraiser at the Avenue Café. This fundraiser will feature live performances throughout the day and night (more information can be found here). Both monetary and feminine product donations will be accepted.

With all of its success, Helping Women Period. is more than willing to expand within the feminine product world beyond tampons and pads. “Bladder control pads were an item under the feminine hygiene supply umbrella that were not part of our initial offering, but after learning there was a need, we expanded,” Stephenson said.

The charity does, however, enjoy their specialization in feminine hygiene. “Part of our success is that we remain focused on just these products,” she added.

If interested volunteering with Helping Women Period now, or anytime in the future, you can sign up for upcoming opportunities including the Summer Product Distribution on the 24th.


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