Gregg and Babcock Win Decisively, with Altmann and Meadows Vying for Third Seat

Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:45 pm
Alice Dreger

Lisa Babcock (left) and Jessy Gregg at the ASMSU debate (photo by Raymond Holt)

In the race for East Lansing City Council, the clear winners tonight are Jessy Gregg and Lisa Babcock, in that order. The third spot is too close to call from the unofficial results. Incumbents Erik Altmann and Mark Meadows are separated by only two votes.

Whether Altmann or Meadows will keep his seat on Council is still unclear. What we know is that one of them will win, and one will lose.

Gregg is showing a return of almost a thousand votes more than Altmann and Meadows, with Babcock only 73 votes behind Gregg. As of 11:15 p.m., the Ingham County Clerk’s election results page was showing the following vote totals:

  • Jessy Gregg 2,944
  • Lisa Babcock 2,871
  • Mark Meadows 1,951
  • Erik Altmann 1,949
  • John Revitte 1,397
  • Warren Stanfield 628

Asked by ELi for comment on her clear success, Gregg responded by text, "I think the difference in votes between the top two finishers and the rest of the field shows that East Lansing residents are fed up with business-as-usual from City Hall. With two new council members, we should see much more balanced and open discussion going forward and I think that will improve results for our residents. I'm really looking forward to getting started!"

Babcock, Altmann, and Meadows have not yet responded to request for comment.

While it may look as if Meadows has won by two votes tonight, it is common for final vote tallies to change by several votes before an election is certified. Altmann could still top Meadows. (According to the Lansing State Journal, Altmann texted a reporter his intent to concede the race to Meadows but ELi has been unable to confirm this.)

Gregg, Babcock, and whoever turns out to be the third top vote-getter will join Ruth Beier and Aaron Stephens on the City Council.

Assuming the vote is certified by then, next Tuesday night, the three winners of today's election will be sworn in, and the Council will decide who among them will serve as Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem.

The land sale ballot question has passed decisively.


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