Grand Ledge’s The Aimcriers Bring Rootsy, Eclectic Music to EL Concert Series

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 10:43 am
Christopher A. Wardell

The Aimcriers are certainly capable of producing the kind of music that may cause a “tear in your beer,” but that will probably not be the case when the roots-rock four piece from Grand Ledge takes the stage Friday night for the East Lansing Summer Concert series at the Ann Street Plaza.

The show is set to start at 7:00 p.m.

The band, which features singer-guitarist Johnny Aimcrier, guitarist Andy Aimcrier, drummer Danny Aimcrier and multi-instrumentalist Nathaniel Aimcrier, are hard to pigeonhole, as the group has a number of tricks up their sleeves.

“The Aimcriers are all about four friends doing their best to entertain people all across Michigan by writing, recording, and performing music,” Johnny said. “We play old and new originals with a bunch of eclectic covers thrown in, kind of like our live shows. Our sound is a flavor of folk rock, with some power pop, rockabilly, and country thrown in.”

With that in mind, Johnny admits his band is influenced by a number of different artists and bands.

“The Aimcriers are influenced by tons of bands, mostly in the rock genre, and it varies from Aimcrier-to-Aimcrier,” Johnny said. “R.E.M., U2, The Smiths, Dwight Yoakam, The Rolling Stones, and Gram Parsons come to mind for me, but the other Aimcriers bring influences like John Mellencamp, Credence Clearwater Revisited, Tom Petty and the like. Sort of the rootsy FM radio stuff. The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Mamas and The Papas got me into music and harmonies because of my parents' vinyl collection, but Peter Buck, Johnny Marr, and the Edge made me want to pick up the guitar.”

Johnny makes it clear The Aimcriers the band is all about the process, and trying to perfect their sound as much as possible.

The band is currently in the early stages of writing a new album, which would be a follow-up to their first record, “Solid State,” which was released in 2013. While the process has been slow moving as band members deal with everyday life, Johnny said the band intends to release new music as soon as possible.

“The Aimcriers move at a glacial pace when it comes to recording new tunes, but we have the drum tracks, and most of the bass tracks completed for a new 10-12 song album,” Johnny said. "As a king-level procrastinator, I seem to find something else to do when I have time to go out to the studio to record, but it is progressing. We do have some time off in September, and I've committed to recording during that period. Layering vocals will be a bit of a challenge, but our live shows have helped us figure out what we're doing with harmonies for these songs. Our last album, Solid State World, was recorded over many years in many U.S. states with many different Aimcriers laying tracks down, but it was mixed and mastered in Lansing and East Lansing. I'm looking forward to all of us being involved with the mixing process for the next one.”

Johnny admits his love of the Lansing-area music scene, and he draws inspiration from other local musicians and bands. Which, according to the singer-songwriter, only helps to fuel The Aimcriers performances.

“Yeah, artists like The Stick Arounds, Jen Sygit, The Hat Madder, From Big Sur, The Plurals, Scary Women, and my involvement with The Pantones and Harborcoat - there're tons of people around Lansing that write great songs and perform them awesomely,” Johnny said. “I draw huge inspiration from them, and genuinely enjoy seeing them play.”

The band performs regularly around Lansing and beyond, but The Aimcriers’ performances in East Lansing have been few and far between. Which is why he’s looking forward to performing the Ann Street Plaza gig.

“This will be the first time The Aimcriers are performing for the East Lansing Concert Series, and we're absolutely looking forward to it,” Johnny said “We're gearing up with special tunes for this show and certain presentations of our older tunes that we've been exploring.”

Johnny is ready to share his band’s music with an appreciative crowd.

“Pure honesty and an artful communion with those that make it to the show,” Johnny said. “We dig it when people get it. Sonically, I'll be playing more electric guitar than the past few shows with a beefier tone. I'm hoping to create a thicker foundation for our summer shows to stand on.”

More information about The Aimcriers is available here, and more information on the East Lansing Summer Concert Series may be found here.



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