Gotcha Scooters Coming to East Lansing

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Thursday, July 18, 2019, 4:22 pm
Alice Dreger

Rental e-scooters will soon be making a reappearance in East Lansing.

But they won’t be from Bird or Lime, like we saw last year. The scooters coming to town will be from Gotcha, a company based in Charleston, SC.

It appears Gotcha has struck a deal not only with the cities of East Lansing and Lansing, but also with MSU, which last year impounded hundreds of scooters because Bird and Lime did not have agreements with MSU.

At committee meetings of East Lansing’s Downtown Development Authority today, Community and Economic Development Administrator Tom Fehrenbach said that Gotcha likely will be deploying scooters in the East Lansing area starting in late August.

As ELi reported back in March, East Lansing law now requires that e-scooter companies obtain an annual $2,500 license. Companies must also pay 10 cents per ride for all trips that originate in East Lansing’s borders, and the devices are limited to a speed of 10 mph on sidewalks.

The City’s new law also requires companies to turn over user data to East Lansing government (including trip volumes, distances, routes, and the starting and stopping point for every trip) and to educate scooter users about the rules.

Fehrenbach told the DDA committee members that Gotcha has had several meetings with East Lansing staff, and that staff has shown the Gotcha operations team where they want downtown drop-off spots to be.

Staff expects a deployment of 300-600 scooters in the Lansing-East Lansing area.

Gotcha has not yet returned request for comment.


Correction notice: We originally indicated Gotcha is located in Columbia, SC. The article has now been changed to indicate the company's location in Charleston, SC. © 2013-2020 East Lansing Info