The Faces of Capital City Comic Con

Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 8:21 am
Casandra Eriksen

Above: Jasmine and Hank, dressed as Amanda Loris and Jar Jar from Star Wars

Last Saturday (8/27/16) was the second annual Capital City Comic Con, in the Breslin Center. I took my camera and talked to people in costume, asking them about their characters. Here’s a sample of what I found wandering Breslin:

Gavin, dressed as Cloud from Kingdom Hearts


Kyle, dressed as Umbrella U.B.C.S Burgess

Travis, dressed as The Phantom of the Opera

Peter, dressed as Jedi exile from Knights of the Old Republic II

Shamus, dressed as Batman. He chose to dress as Batman because Batman "is a human endeavoring to do good in a broken world." 

Evan, dressed as Bender Bending Rodriguez

Michael, dressed as Ghostbuster of his own invention

Kim, dressed as Holtzmann from Ghostbusters. She chose the costume because Holtzmann "is the smartest and funniest character."

A Pikachu

Dolores Storey dressed up as Reyal Mathers. Storey is a writer, photographer, and cosplayer. 

Michael, dressed as a Master Sergeant Monster Hunter

Errol, dressed as Courier 6 from Fall Out New Vegas because the Fall Out series is his favorite video game series. 

Sarah, dressed up as "Dark Rey," her own version of the Star Wars heroine. She said she really likes the character, and thinks Rey is a good role model. 

Sarah, dressed as The Silence from Doctor Who

Dana, as Cruella de Ville, and John, as Elvis from Bubba Ho-Tep  

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