ELPS Surveys Residents in Advance of Bond Proposal

Tuesday, October 18, 2016, 4:48 pm
Alice Dreger

What’s your take on East Lansing Public Schools in terms of facilities—classrooms, technology equipment, parking lots and driveways, playgrounds, and more? What are your thoughts on Schools of Choice, possible pre-K programming, and the use of computers in ELPS classrooms? What do you value in our local schools?

As it prepares to propose a new school bond to East Lansing taxpayers, the District’s administration wants to know your thoughts on all these issues and more, whether or not you currently have children in the East Lansing Public Schools.

Gail Gillengerten in the office of Superintendent Robyne Thompson has asked ELi to make sure residents know about the District’s ongoing survey, which is open for responses now through November 4, 2016. You can easily access the survey online by going to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ELPSCommunity.

For those without access to computers and for those who wish to take the survey on paper, paper copies can be picked up at East Lansing’s City Hall, at the East Lansing Public Library, at East Lansing’s Prime Time at the Hannah Community Center, and at every East Lansing Public School.

The survey takes about ten minutes to fill out and is anonymous. The survey will be used as ELPS strategizes about possible bond initiatives, which is why near the end the survey asks about whether you would be likely to support a new school bond.


Reminder: ELi is covering the School Board election. Click here to learn more.

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