ELPS Superintendent Resigns, Acting Superintendent Named

Thursday, January 26, 2017, 8:53 am
Alice Dreger

East Lansing Public Schools Superintendent Robyne Thompson has just announced her resignation. In a statement released to district parents, Thompson wrote:

“As many of you know, I have made a difficult decision to leave East Lansing at the end of the school year to pursue other professional opportunities. I have submitted to the Board of Education my resignation as your Superintendent, effective June 30, 2017.”

Thompson's message was followed twenty minutes later by an announcement from Dori Leyko:

"Last evening, the Board of Education formally accepted Dr. Robyne Thompson's resignation as ELPS superintendent effective June 30, 2017. In order to ensure continuity and a smooth transition for our district, the Board has appointed me as Acting Superintendent effective immediately. I will assume all responsibilities, day-to-day duties, and operations of the district through June 30, 2017. I will be maintaining my responsibilities as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment during this time as well."

Responding to an inquiry from ELi about what Thompson's role will be through June 30, Leyko said, "Dr. Thompson is still employed by the district and may be providing some consultant services on an as-needed basis."

In her statement to parents, Thompson said, “I say that this decision has been difficult because my time here in East Lansing has been a tremendous experience. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a wonderful group of educators, parents and community members. I know I have experienced a great deal of professional growth during my tenure as your Superintendent and wish to thank each of you for the trust and support you have given me these last few years.”

Thompson’s resignation comes as the Board is looking to have voters pass a $94 million bond for the District this spring.

ELi reported earlier this month that Thompson had been named a finalist for a position in Alabama. She is also known to have applied for other jobs recently.

Responding to an inquiry from ELi, School Board President Nell Kuhnmuench said today, "On behalf of the East Lansing Schools Board of Education, we want to thank Dr. Thompson for her service to our district and wish her the very best in her new pursuits."

School Board member Nichole Martin, who joined the Board in January, had limited interaction with Thompson. She told ELi today, "I want to thank her for the time and service she has given to the East Lansing Public School District and wish her much success in future endeavors."


Editor's note: This article has been updated as more information has been received. Reporting assistance has been provided by Karessa Wheeler.

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