ELPD Identifies Suspect in Package Thefts

Wednesday, December 13, 2017, 1:02 pm
Ann Nichols

Based on a social media post earlier today, ELi asked ELPD whether it’s true that they have apprehended an individual who was stealing packages from the porches of homes in East Lansing.

In response to our query, ELPD Information Officer Lt. Chad Connelly responded that the Department’s “Detective Bureau has identified a suspect in these cases, however they are not in custody at this time. The Detective Bureau is still investigating this so we cannot release info on the suspect at this time.”

Connelly went on to say that “numerous items that were stolen were recovered at local pawn shops and most have been returned to the rightful owners.” He confirmed that “these were parcel thefts from porches outside of doors and such. All but one occurred in one neighborhood, and the one outlying theft was only a few hundred yards away from that neighborhood. It appears these occurred within the same day or time period.

Asked if he could identify the neighborhood in which the thefts occurred, Connelly said he could not do so while the investigation was ongoing, but did say that it was “on the East side of the City.”

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