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Morgan Lees, Technology Manager for ELi, helps provide technical support for ELi's Drupal content management system and web hosting. Morgan grew up in and still resides in East Lansing, and is a freelance illustrator as well as a writer and comic creator. They were involved with All-of-us Express Children's Theatre from a young age, directed six shows with the company, and served four terms on their Board (including one year holding the office of Secretary and two years holding the office of President). In their spare time, Morgan reads and plays computer and roleplaying games, dabbles in photography, maintains their own websites, and enjoys getting outdoors. They also like listening to music and are very interested in historical martial arts. Morgan is a member of Art of Combat and the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. Their illustration portfolio can be found at morganelees.com and their comic can be found at cornerthemaze.net.

Lisa Lees, Technology Manager for ELi, helps provide technical support for ELi's web hosting and its Drupal content management system. Lisa moved to Michigan in 1977 to teach computer science at UM-Flint, and has since lived and worked in Ann Arbor, Lansing and East Lansing. Like most techies, Lisa had many jobs and job titles as computers evolved from room-filling, card-eating monsters to hand-held communicators, including a dozen years doing various things with various computers at MSU. Retired and with nothing but spare time on her hands, Lisa now lives with her two imaginary muses, surrounded by anime, books and comics (many in French or Japanese), board games, Playstation games and a variety of music. Lisa is a member of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing; her own hand-crafted personal websites are lisalees.com and wiltedflowerchild.com (home of her table-talk web comic).


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