ELi’s Sustainability Drive Continues As We Go Quiet

Friday, November 17, 2017, 1:50 pm
Alice Dreger, Publisher of ELi

Thanks to several more donors stepping up to the plate to help out ELi, including upping their monthly contributions and sending in lump sum donations, ELi’s 2018 Sustainability Campaign is now up above $37,000 in terms of commitments for 2018.

Towards that total, we are counting all monthly commitments (multiplied by 12) as well as lump-sum donations that we receive. This is a solid start, but you can see that we still have a long way to go before 2018 begins.

This week really exemplified how difficult it is for us to try to do reporting and fundraising at the same time, and that’s why we use a Sustainability Campaign approach—so that we won’t have to try to fundraise while we’re trying to report for you. This week, Managing Editor Ann Nichols and I have been just about run ragged leading the 2018 fundraising campaign as well as keeping up with an incredibly busy week of news. (Take a look at our website to see what we covered this week.)

For the next week, ELi will not be reporting. I will be away in the Netherlands for non-ELi work, and I’ve asked Ann to focus all of her energies on reaching out to donors through our annual mail campaign to remind them that we need their help to keep working for you in 2018.

Have a look at the summary brochure we have just produced to encourage donations through our mail campaign, and feel free to print it and share it with folks you think might be interested in supporting this unique public nonprofit service.

Impressed with what we provide? Help out to the best of your ability. Not everyone in our community can or will step up, even if they would not want to do without ELi’s service.

Thank you to everyone who has donated with just the smallest nudge! We hope you can help us nudge, so that we can be done with nudging soon, and go back to full-time reporting service.

Read more about the 2018 Sustainability Campaign's purpose here.

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