ELHS Alumni Congratulate the Class of 2018: Katie Doyal

Friday, April 13, 2018, 7:28 am
Ann Kammerer

Above: Katie Doyal's senior picture, 2014

ELHS Alumni congratulate the Class of 2018 . . . now through June

On June 10, about 300 high school seniors will march onward to join the ranks of Trojan Alumni who have graduated from East Lansing Public Schools over the last century.

East Lansing Info asked Trojan Alumni who live, work and retain ties in East Lansing to congratulate the Class of 2018. From now through early June, we'll feature their reflections and informal advice to the graduating class.

Thank you ELHS Alumni and congratulations to the Class of 2018.


Featured Alumni

Katie Doyal

Class of 2014

What is your occupation?

Undergraduate Student, Michigan State University (Public Policy)

Constituent Services Coordinator, Office of Michigan House Democratic Leader Sam Singh

Why did you make East Lansing home?

I have lived in East Lansing all my life. After graduating from high school, I stayed in East Lansing to attend MSU and have lived here while completing my degree. It’s been a great community to grow up in, earn my education, and now, start my career.

Where did you grow up in East Lansing?


Where do you live now?


Do you have family members in East Lansing schools?

My sister is a junior at East Lansing High School.

Above: Doyal today

What are some funny or fond memories you have about high school?

Participating in the theater community at ELHS was easily the highlight of all four years. I’ll never forget all the hilarious and touching moments we had as a cast for each of the six shows I was in—everything from Denny’s after every opening night and secret thespian gift exchange traditions, to the feeling you got after the very last performance.

What was your favorite place in East Lansing when you attended high school? Why?

In high school I loved visiting the MSU Botanical Gardens, Beaumont Tower, and hanging out by the Red Cedar behind the Hannah Administration Building. We are so fortunate to have this extraordinary campus just a block from our high school. Before coming to MSU, I never truly understood the beauty of having a college campus in your own backyard.

What path did you initially take when you graduated?

I moved onto campus and attended James Madison College at MSU.

What do you think is different about high school today?

While we had more than a few options for Advanced Placement courses, I have heard great things about new pre-AP and AP classes for students there today. It is also very encouraging to see the development of student leadership in social justice, community engagement, and other relevant issues due to new groups like Students for Gender Equality. I think programs like SGE and the work that Dr. Donna Rich-Kaplowitz has done with the school to teach students about the world around them, involve them in the political process, and develop advocacy has changed the high school in some respects.

What do you think is the same?

There’s still the same attitude of creating global citizens and helping students work hard to succeed in all areas of their education. I’m pretty sure a lot of the traditions have stuck around too, like spirit weeks, senior picnic, and annual senior women’s shirts.

What advice do you have for graduating seniors?

Explore your interests this year. Don’t feel like you have to know exactly what you’re going to do once you graduate because the reality is that you will likely change your mind five or six times before you come to the first right fit. Then, don’t let the next four years limit you—wherever you end up. Whether it’s going to LCC, MSU, Harvard, or taking a few years off, we’re all just starting out and what you do with that time is in your hands. Don’t feel like your school, your town, or who you are will limit you to achieve what you aspire to do.


Want to join Trojan Alumni in congratulating the Class of 2018? Our only asks are that you're an ELHS graduate, live or work in East Lansing, and are willing to share a current picture and one from your high school years. Interested? Contact Ann Kammerer at halmkammerer76@gmail.com.